Wednesday February 9, 8:30am-5pm, Hong Kong (see overview)

The advent of crowdsourcing is revolutionizing data annotation, evaluation, and other traditionally manual-labor intensive processes by dramatically reducing the time, cost, and effort involved. This in turn is driving a disruptive shift in search and data mining methodology in areas such as:

CSDM 2011 will build on the recent success of the Crowdsourcing for Search Evaluation Workshop (CSE 2010) at SIGIR 2010, extending beyond search evaluation to broadly explore development and application of crowdsourcing techniques for search and data mining.

Audience and Scope

This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners of crowdsourcing techniques. This meeting is intended to work as a catalyst for future collaborations, as well as one of the main forums for sharing the latest developments in this area. The workshop will provide participants an opportunity to hear about and discuss key issues such as: